This image was a study of modeling, lighting, texturing and render based on a concept form the art director Sergio Araújo. The intention was to produce a poster for the new Sweet & Spicy flavor, that's the reason for the peppers to be inside a classic chewing gum vending machine

I used Softimage XSI for modeling e lighting, Zbrush to generate normal maps for the peppers and metal pieces, Photoshop for texturing and post, and Mental Ray for rendering.
• Chosen for 3D Editor's Showcase fot the CGSociety, check out here
This was the setup on XSI, I used some round and rectangular area lights to get the best result.
Also added some white surfaces to bounce light and a HDRI image to have a more realistc reflection
And finally here is a comparison between the final composition and the original concept, I tried to get a hotter atmosphere to the image comparing to the original that has a cold attenuation.
Hope you like it!

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